Dehydrated and sensitive skin

The REHYDRATE line is suited to those who are seeking hydration while maintaining the balance of the skin.  Our organic creams for sensitive skin are formulated with Jonzac thermal spring water, making them especially beneficial.  The revitalizing, soothing and calming virtues of Jonzac thermal spring water are ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive skins, because they ensure the skin is gently hydrated without causing any irritation.

Our organic creams for sensitive skin are certified organic and made with 99% natural ingredients in addition to offering high-tolerance formulas to guarantee adapted and deep-acting natural skincare for your fragile skin.

Our REHYDRATE products line is optimized for sensitive and dehydrated skins and includes a serum, an eye contour, a mask, a lotion, light and rich creams, an aloe vera thermal gel and a gel-balm.