Sensitivity -

Sensitive skin requires extra care to deal with this specific problems.  Sensitive skin is easily irritated by various factors such as wind, stress, hard water or chemicals, and requires gentle and pleasant skincare to restore comfort and soothe it.

Our skincare for sensitive skin is made with Jonzac thermal spring water and organic active ingredients and are especially adapted to your skin since they contain our thermal spring water which is soothing, revitalizing and which prevents irritation.  This skincare for sensitive skin is made with 99% natural ingredients to bring you the best nature has to offer, for skincare that is natural and adapted to your skin type.

Our REACTIVE product line includes shower gels, emulsions, creams, eye contours, deodorants, cleansing lotions and makeup removers, micellar waters and gels, and tinted creams.  These high-tolerance products are fragrance-free and will become your best ally in combatting redness and tightness resulting from sensitive skin.