Our calling, our vision

Creating cosmetics of the future while preserving fundamental natural cycles.

In creating Eau Thermale Jonzac®, Laboratoire LÉA NATURE developed a new generation of skincare products that offer improved cosmetic efficacy while remaining both respectful of the skin’s physiology and nature friendly.

LABORATOIRE LÉA NATURE ‘s underlying belief in scientific innovations that remain nature friendly and respectful of women’s skin is at the root of the cosmetic excellence achieved with Jonzac products:

– performances and sensory characteristics that measure up to conventional cosmetics (innovation patents filed, fragrances and textures were validated through blind comparative tests with leading conventional brands of cosmetics, efficacy testing carried out on all finished products);
– extreme tolerance* formulas as required for dermo-cosmetic products;
– safety of use warranted by the naturalness of our products and the absence of any substances that are prohibited under organic standards.

Working with your skin, not against it, in our search for cosmetic efficacy.

The skin is a natural intelligent shield that is capable of responding to beneficial elements. Creating an osmosis between natural ingredients that bond to the skin marks positive progress in the development of new cosmetics.

Jonzac thermal spring water is hypermineralized and isotonic, which means that its mineral composition is very close to that of the skin cells. This water, offering unique properties, is combined with organic formulas that are free of any clogging or potentially harmful ingredients, to create Eau Thermale Jonzac® skincare products that bond naturally to the skin, ensuring active ingredients are better absorbed and more effective.

*Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.