REHYDRATE | Dual hydration

Moisturizing Hand Cream - 50ml

- Hydrates, protects, soothes -

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The Rehydrate Moisturizing Hand Cream creates a protective shield thanks to its high concentration of glycerin.

It hydrates intensively and brings suppleness and softness to dry hands for an immediate and long-lasting comfort.

  • 0% parabens
  • 0% silicones
  • 0% phenoxyethanol

50 ml - 1.69 fl oz Tube




The pure, gentle and hypermineralized Jonzac thermal spring water perfectly supports skin cell integrity because it is isotonic. The cutaneous barrier of the skin is gradually regenerated and skin quality is transformed. Jonzac thermal spring water aquifer lies 1850 meters underground. Research studies have demonstrated its benefits for the skin: Jonzac thermal spring water is revitalizing and soothing, namely for dry and sensitive skin.
Enjoy the benefits of this precious active ingredient thanks to our Moisturizing Hand Cream.

AQUA /WATER/EAU: Jonzac thermal spring water and purified water.
GLYCERIN: Humectant to help retain water on the surface of the skin.
MALVA SYLVESTRIS (MALLOW) EXTRACT*: Organic mallow flower floral water renowned to be soothing.
DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE: Emollient to soften the skin.
BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA) BUTTER*: Organic hydrating and protective shea butter
GLYCERYL STEARATE CITRATE: Emulsifier to mix water and oil in the cream
C12-16 ALCOHOLS: Agent that contributes to the cream’s consistency
SODIUM STEAROYL GLUTAMATE: Emulsifier to mix water and oil in the cream
SODIUM LEVULINATE: Stabilizer to optimize product preservation
BENTONITE: Gelling agent
CETEARYL ALCOHOL: Agent contributing to the cream’s consistency
GLYCERYL UNDECYLENATE: Stabilizer to optimize product preservation
LACTIC ACID: Agent guaranteeing the pH is adapted to the skin
HYDROGENATED LECITHIN: Emulsifier to mix water and oil in the cream
PALMITIC ACID: Agent contributing to the cream’s consistency
PARFUM (FRAGRANCE): 100% natural fragrance composition
XANTHAN GUM: Gelling agent

Apply a pea-sized amount to hands as necessary. Massage in until fully absorbed.

Dermatologically tested.

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