REACTIVE | Extreme tolerance

Soothing micellar water - 100ml

- Cleans, removes makeup, soothes -

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Thanks to the micelles found in the Reactive soothing micellar water, it lifts impurities and removes makeup from the face and eyes.

It contains concentrated Jonzac thermal spring water and soothing bisabolol to help ease discomfort and to soothe sensitive skin.

Formulated with 15% Jonzac thermal spring water, organic chamomile floral water known for its emollient properties, natural Bisabolol known for its soothing virtues.

Dermatologically tested - Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Sensitive and reactive to intolerant skin
  • High tolerance
  • Unscented
  • Suitable for vegans

100ml bottle e - 3.38 fl.oz.

Demonstrated Performance



Gradually, skin is revitalized and its quality is transformed. Jonzac thermal spring water is gentle, pure and hypermineralized in addition to being isotonic, therefore preserving the natural balance of skin cells. Jonzac thermal spring water is beneficial for the skin, according to various studies: it hydrates sensitive skin, and has a calming effect. Jonzac thermal spring water is found 1850 meters underground and is drawn directly from its original environment. All the benefits of this precious active ingredient are yours to enjoy thanks to our Soothing Micellar Water.

AQUA /WATER/EAU: revitalizing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating Jonzac thermal spring water and purified water.
ANTHEMIS NOBILIS FLOWER WATER*: Organic chamomile floral water recognized as softening, from French organic farming - plant based
GLYCERIN: Humectant to retain water on the surface of the skin - plant based
POLYGLYCERYL-4 CAPRATE: Gentle cleansing agent ensuring the formation of micelles to remove makeup - plant based
BETAINE: Hydrating and protective agent - plant based
SODIUM LEVULINATE: Stabilizer to optimize product preservation - obtained from vegetables
LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT: Stabilizer to optimize preservation - biotechnologically-obtained, guaranteed free of GMOs**.
SODIUM BENZOATE: Preservative - synthetic origin
LACTIC ACID: Agent to ensure pH is adapted to the skin - biotechnologically-obtained, guaranteed free of GMOs**.
SODIUM HYDROXIDE: Agent to ensure pH is adapted to the skin - mineral origin
BISABOLOL: Soothing agent - obtained from vegetables

*Organically farmed ingredients.
**Genetically modified organism

Apply the Reactive Soothing Micellar Water on cotton and wipe over the face and eyes.

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