The first organic restorative care with thermal spring water

Each day, the skin becomes fragile by external irritants, scratches or scars, depending on life circumstances.

The restorative care for irritated, delicate and fragile skin

Skin soothing and repair for the whole family (babies, children, adults): Eau Thermale Jonzac® has created +Cica, the first certified organic repairing care made with Jonzac thermal spring water. Thanks to its patented formula, this cream is protective and regenerative and also strengthens the skin barrier.

All the Eau Thermale Jonzac® expertise at the service of fragile skin

An exclusive and patented complex1: the Cicathermale® patent

Soothing and revitalizing Jonzac thermal spring water is combined with organic Centella asiatica, a plant renowned for millennia in Ayurvedic medicine for its restorative virtues. This plant extract contains 4 leading active components (asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic and madecassic acids), that are known to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and regulate inflammation.

In addition to the Cicathermale® patent, the +Cica line of skincare also includes the F.P.D.2 and Protect3C® patents.  Purifying Zinc PCA and biomimetic restructuring ceramides complete this unique formulation.

A certified organic multi-use cream suitable for all skin types

The +Cica repairing cream has been developed according to the rigorous Eau Thermale Jonzac® specifications and is available in two convenient 40ml and 100ml formats. Formulated with 30% Jonzac thermal spring water, this unscented water-in-oil type emulsion is made to soothe and repair irritated, delicate and fragile skin (micro cracks, superficial irritation, post dermatological scars3) in adults as well as in children and infants. The refreshing, nonsticky texture leaves a protective film on the skin that accelerates the repair process and strengthens the skin barrier while reducing the appearance of marks.

This high-tolerance formula is certified organic, made with 99% natural ingredients, free of alcohol, mineral oil, silicone, or synthetic fragrances and colorings and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

The + Cica soothing repair cream: dermatologically tested effectiveness

The effectiveness of the Soothing Repair Cream was tested on people with sutures following dermatological procedure. Study participants applied the Soothing Repair Cream to the affected areas as often as necessary and at least twice a day, on clean, dry skin.


  • Itching: -89 %4
  • Suture thickness: -59%4
  • Suture color: -69%4
  • Immediately soothes itching: 84%5
  • Facilitates epidermal restoration: 90%6
  • Makes scar smooth and regular: 94%6


1.Registered patent – 2. Registered patent. Jonzac thermal spring water encapsulation system – Protective film / Preservation – Penetration / Progressive release – 3. Apply 3 weeks after dermatological procedure. Avoid the eye contour. Do not apply to fragile or oozing skin. If discomfort or irritation persists, consult a physician. – 4. % improvement – Clinician scoring – Clinical test on 31 participants 25-80 years old – Application twice a day for 29 days. – 5.% satisfaction immediately after the 1st application – Clinical test on 31 participants from 25 to 80 years old. – 6.% satisfaction – Clinical test on 31 participants from 25 to 80 years old – Application twice a day for 29 days.

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