Nutrition & Protection


Let our high-tolerance products restore your skin’s balance and oxygen levels!

Skin dries out because of a functional imbalance in the skin barrier which means that the main components, water and lipids, are not replenished as needed.  Our EAU THERMALE JONZAC®  Nutritive product line helps restore balanced hydration and lipid levels.

NUTRITIVE products are highly tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive, reactive and eczema-prone skin.   Jonzac thermal spring water, which is naturally hypermineralized and isotonic, is combined with lipids that were chosen for their pureness as well as their regenerative and soothing effect.  These products replenish moisture and nutrition thanks to formulas that are particularly affine to the skin, restoring the functional balance of the skin barrier.

Enjoy immediate comfort and well-being at each application!  With its light and powdery fragrance and its creamy and satiny texture, this line will soon become an essential part of your beauty care.

Enjoy discovering this line of skincare that is especially adapted to dry, extra-dry or eczema-prone skin.

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